MOTIV Boost Box - BMW N54

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The N54 platform has seen some incredible advancements in the last year. With single turbo kits becoming more common we felt a proper control system update was a must. While the offerings on the market have worked for a while, the list of control systems to run simple processes such as boost control was getting to be a bit tedious.

The MOTIV Boost Box is a simple yet elegant and efficient solution to boost control . It allows control to be returned to the factory DME. This is the manner that BMW designed the factory system to run. The MOTIV team can now control a single turbo through the DME with the MHD flash suite. This is done through custom logic, proprietary tables, and custom PID and boost control table calibration.

The MOTIV Boost Box comes in a clean, plug-n-play package and can include a MAC solenoid if needed. Absolutely ZERO modifications to the factory hardware and harnesses need to be made.

What is the Boost Box?

The Boost box is a signal converter to allow the DME’s very high frequency output to work with the 35A Mac solenoid valve for single turbo users. This is a complete plug and play solution that will connect to your existing Mac solenoid or you can add a solenoid to your order if you don’t have one currently. It has also been programed to keep you within the limits of the DME and Mac solenoid so that you will never have any dead spots due to an out of range condition caused by WGDC or PID control.

Why the Boost Box?

  • It’s a very cost effective solution to any single turbo user.
  • 50+ datalogging channels with MHD where you can see everything from tq limiters, vano req/actual, load req, actual tq, tq req, etc. The possibilities are endless to fine tune your N54.
  • Allows your DME to communicate more precisely with your auto trans now that the TCU Flasher is around the corner. This is big news since the reported tq and load will now be on the same page with the TCU.
  • Tune out your overboost on partial throttle! This is a very common problem on autos.
  • The Mac 35A solenoid has been proven to provide very fast response and be bullet proof when it comes to reliability.
  • Change boost with the load by gear option prior to flashing with MHD.
  • Dynamic tuning.
  • With MHD flex fuel, take full advantage of the infinite combinations and possibilities between load changes, based of ethanol content.

The popular tuners on the N54 platform are in constant communication with us. We share all necessary tables we have created for the boost box so that they can create custom tunes for you.

MOTIV proTUNE w/ the Boost Box? 

Tuning your vehicle is one of the most important steps in making your car fast and reliable. Experience the MOTIV difference. With over a decade of experience on multiple platforms we have narrowed our sites to specific BMW's so that we could be the best at a few instead of great at many. As the creators of the Boost Box you can be assured to get the most comprehensive calibration.
  • Dynamic and adaptive tune tracing means you are not limited to a single column of cells. This means if your running 20psi your Timing, AFR’s, Vanos, Load actual, scalars, + more will be optimized for that load and it will all change as boost (load) increases or decreases. So, you’ll make more power at varying boost levels.
  • Advanced PID control. This works just like the stock DME boost control. It will compensate for all variables and conditions keeping your boost on target at all times.
  • There is no cookie cutter or one size fits all with our Full pro-tunes. Each unique car will have its own unique tune to best suit your goals while maintaining the best drivability.
  • With many years of experience along with the latest DME development, we have restructured our tuning platform from the ground up to deliver the best driving experience.

Further development is always in the works and it will only get even better from here! Take the Flash only challenge and enjoy letting the DME do what it was designed to do!