About Us

MOTIV Motorsport was founded to provide the highest quality products for the turbocharged BMW platform. True passion for the automotive industry drives MOTIV Motorsport to ensure quality and reliability. Innovative research and design, along with extensive testing of all products on the track and the road sets MOTIV apart from the competition.

In 2014, Jacob Hershorin and Robert Downes saw a lack of quality, customer service, and reliable go fast parts in the BMW N54 powered vehicles. In 2016 as product and platform coverage increased, Christopher Kontos joined the team to assist in expanding the MOTIV Motorsport offerings. With a central office in Wilmington, NC, and remote locations based on residence in VA and GA, MOTIV has coverage up and down the East Coast of the United States.

MOTIV has always had concise goals and none more important than bringing high quality performance parts to specific BMW platforms. Jake and Chris have been tuning on multiple platforms for over a decade. With backgrounds in standalones and flash tuning, calibrating BMW factory boosted vehicles was a natural fit. Jake, after cofounding proTUNING Freaks a few years ago,  saw a need for high quality, high performance parts to power the numerous N54, N55, and S55 cars they were calibrating. Bobby has been into cars since before he can even remember. Just like his father, his desire to make fast cars faster was a passion. After picking up a 2008 135i with the intention of turning it into an all-out NASA time attack car, his passion to continue building performance parts for the track grew. The track car was a project Bobby took on in order to display the level of craftsmanship and performance he is known for.

Together, they have created an excellent team. While they have a ton of expertise they still consider themselves enthusiasts who simply want to make fast cars the right way – reliably and efficiently. How is this done? Proper R&D and testing until a product meets our extremely strict standards.

We get just as excited about every project and every tune we do. From tuning a stock turbo car to full single turbo projects – we love seeing our customers enjoy their cars new level of performance. We offer a variety of brands when it comes to bolt on modifications and a full list of tuning services for the N54 and N55 plaftorms.