Congratulations on your purchase of the MOTIV RE|FLEX! The following set of instructions and files will guide you through the installation, wiring, firmware, and programming procedures. Please read through everything BEFORE you begin the installation in order to familiarize yourself with the steps and necessary equipment needed. If you have any concerns, we recommend you take the vehicle to a tuner or shop that is qualified and has experience with performance automotive electronics.


The RE|FLEX User Manual (including the Frequently Asked Questions section) is constantly being updated. In addition you will find any and all wiring diagrams needed for installation on any vehicle as well as a variety of vehicle specific applications.


After you have installed your RE|FLEX you need to update your firmware for your specific application. The firmware you choose is dependent on the flash platform you will be using to integrate with or if you plan to use the controller in the universal format.


In the third folder are a variety of open source files. These include universal and vehicle/platform specific maps (.BIN), definition files (.XDF), and the RE|FLEX logging aquisition files (.ADX). We are always updating these files so check back for updates!