ADV O2 Sensors - BMW N54

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With the growing population of turbo engines from OEM’s, component manufactures were tasked with redesigning a lot of sensors and parts to make them more robust to handle the extra heat and pressures that Turbo engines produce. Bosch was nice enough to make a similar sensor to the LSU 4.9 (our OEM sensor) as far as function of series. The ADV’s were designed to be used with the current Chip sets so that no major changes hardware wise needed to take place. The ADV sensor was designed to be placed in the exhaust stream between the head and turbo, and because of this it is built much more robust than the standard sensor.

-Much wider, more accurate working range
-Much higher working & peak temp vs OEM’s
-More precise manufacturing process eliminates the need for trimmer resistors
-Internally filtered to dampen pressure pulses for much more accurate readings in a positive pressure environment.
-YES! Primary O2 readiness is not effected!

These Sensors will only currently work with single turbos. Some of the tables have been modified specifically for them. HOWEVER once the a majority of the single turbo customers are taken care of I will start testing on a hybrid car with full E85 PI. Reason being is it shows the most unstable logs since fuel volume changes so much for minute end result. They will be optimized for worse car scenario.

PLEASE NOTE: These sensors are made to order and may have a lead time of 5-7 business days.