BMW Fuel Line Upgrade


Sale price$140.00

The MOTIV Motorsport Fuel Line Upgrade comes with the correct length of ethanol safe hose and all necessary fittings for a plug and play installation on your vehicle.


Short Line Kit:

Replaces the forward most section of the OEM fuel hose (soft line) just before the HPFP hard line.

Use with Ethanol Content Sensor - Small (No Mounting Hole)

 Long Line Kit:

Replaces the entire OEM fuel hose (hard and soft lines) from the fuel hat on the tank to the HPFP hard line.

Use with Ethanol Content Sensor - Large (Mounting Hole w/ Bolt)


Both the Short Line Kit and Full Line Kit options are designed to work seamlessly with an ethanol sensor in order to provide you with real time knowledge or integration to your DME/ECU of your fuel composition.

NOTE: All Fuel Line Upgrade products are designed with the provision for an Ethanol Content Sensor. As such they do require an Ethanol Content Sensor to be installed or they will not work.

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