MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade for N54 Engine

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N54 Engine had two versions of computers. ​The first one was MSD80 which is famous for its weaknesses:

  1. MOSFETs
  2. PSUs on board (Power Supply Units, one per bank)

When either of them fails, whole bank (1,2,3 or 4,5,6 Cylinders) misfires. This is when you get code 30BA for Bank 1 (1,2,3 Cylinders), Or 30BB for Bank 2 (4,5,6 Cylinders).

The updated version of engine computer is MSD81, and it has no weak points, Comes with stronger MOSFETs and PSUs. Through a stretegic partnership we now offer programming an MSD81 to be PNP in your car. We even keep MSD81-s in stock.

Included in the update is the return shipping cost. In order to do this upgrade, you will need to send us: 

  1. CAS module
  2. 1 working keyfob (without metal spare key)
  3. Injector numbers, so we code them to replacement DME (Unless you plan to code them yourself)

If you don't know how to read injector numbers that is not a problem. If your original DME is responsive, i.e. you can connect and read codes, then you can send in your original DME and we will pull the information from it in order to program the new DME prior to sending it back to you.​

If the DME is not responsive, you can read injector numbers on injectors itself. These are the numbers we need:


The following two pictures are what the CAS3 module looks and where it is located: