OPTION 3 MOTIV Flex Fuel for MHD - BMW N54

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Tired of measuring at the pump to make sure you are at the mix you want? Tired of having to flash for different fuel contents? SO WERE WE!!!

The MOTIV Flex Fuel Box will allow you to finally have full Flex Fuel capability in conjunction with the MHD Flex Fuel module. Every necessary table will interpolate between a pump gas and full e85 map without touching a thing. Fill up and go regardless of the mix. Thanks to a collaboration between the incredible guys at MHD, Jake Yamona and MOTIV we can now have true Flex Fuel.

Flex Fuel through MHD will work for both flash only and JB4 back end flash users. Any and everyone can benefit from this!!

Included with the MOTIV Flex Fuel Box is a PNP harness to connect to the DME, Flex Fuel Box, and Ethanol Content Sensor.

What Is Needed to run Flex Fuel on the N54 through MHD?

  1. MOTIV Flex Fuel Box
  2. Ethanol Content Sensor installed in the primary fuel feed line. The following are some packages you can purchase so that the install is easy and reliable.
    • Ethanol Content Sensor + DIY Fittings Kit
      • Do you already have an upgraded -6AN Push-Lock feed line from Fuel-It or somewhere else? The DIY Fittings Kit is the perfect PNP solution for those of you who already have port injection with an upgraded feed line (or even just an upgraded line direct to the HPFP). You will simply cut a 5.375" section of out of your hose and secure the fittings and sensor into place. A detailed diagram is included showing the location where the should be installed.
    • Ethanol Content Sensor + Engine Bay Short Line Kit
      • Staying stock turbo? Looking to do a quick and simple install to be able to run Flex Fuel with stock fuel lines? Then this option is perfect for you. A detailed diagram is included.
    • Ethanol Content Sensor + Full Feed Line Upgrade
      • Looking to upgrade the entire feedline from the drivers side bucket outlet to the HPFP? The full feed line will do just that. A detailed diagram is included.

3. MHD Flex Fuel Module (In MHD N54 Android App)