PFS | BMW V2 Port Injection Kit

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Hybrid fueling (Direct Injection used simultaneously with Port Injection) is the most tried and true way of making reliable high power on factory DI motors. The new Version 2  Port Injection Kit from Performance Fueling Solutions is designed to fit all N54, N55, and S55 powered vehicles!  PFS used their original design and updated it for an better performance value. Changes include lighter weight, the use of factory style gaskets, studs in lieu of bolts, increased number of fuel rail connections, and improved injection angle. Constructed of billet 6061-T6 Aircraft aluminum anodized black - compatible with all fuels, including E85

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
PFS PI Spacer X X
PFS PI Fuel Rail X X X
7x Mounting Studs and Nuts X X X
6x Gaskets/O-Rings X X X
2x -ORB AN Plugs X X X
6x Flow Matched DW 550cc Injectors X X X
HPFP to PI Rail Adapter and Line
Upgraded Fuel Line (Filter to HPFP) X X
Fuel Pressure Regulator and Return Line X


All port injection systems will require a controller. We strongly recommend the use of a MOTIV Re|Flex - Advanced I/O Integration.

In addition you may want to upgrade the entire fuel feedline and add in an ethanol sensor to take advantage of the Re|Flex's real time flex fuel integration abilities through the use of EcuTek and MHD flash platforms (check with your tuner or these companies for release dates and compatibility).