New Developments for 2024

New Developments for 2024

Results matter, which is why nearly every record setting car on the platforms we support is running a ReFlex+

The MOTIV ReFlex+ is the most innovative, integrated and safe way to add port injection, flex fuel, external boost control and other performance add-ons to your vehicle.

Whether fully-integrated through CANbus, running Standalone using analog inputs and outputs, or any number of combinations between the two - the ReFlex+ can be configured to meet your goals.

This year we are expanding the platforms we support and are looking for new platforms to begin development.

@mhd.tuning will be releasing full ReFlex+ integration on multiple platforms with DME controlled port injection, boost control, and additional auxiliary output control providing an OEM level of integration for aftermarket parts.

@ecutek_technologies added ReFlex+ integration on the GT-R for emissions compliant CANbus, FlexFuel, and auxiliary output control of aftermarket parts. They will be expanding support to many other platforms this year including the Nissan Z, and more.

@toohighpsi will be adding new features to their existing range of LTx platforms and releasing a solution for the C8 platform soon.

We are proud to design, engineer, and assemble everything here in North Carolina. Find out for yourself why the MOTIV ReFlex+ product line sets records on every platform it is used on!

Follow us for our next big release... The MOTIV HUB!!


  • New Developments for 2024

    New Developments for 2024