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What is the MOTIV RE|FLEX?

The MOTIV Re|Flex is a versitile controller that can be used in many different capacities to control a variety of aftermarket performance parts.

  • Sequential Port Injector Controller w/ 2 Additional Auxillary Outputs
  • Advanced I/O Integration w/ Sequential Port Injector Control

In it's simplest form, the RE|FLEX can be used as a standalone port fuel injector controller on engines with up to eight cylinders. Each RE|FLEX is fully configurable to be used on any vehicle through programmable cam, crank, and map sensor inputs in the tuning software. We offer universal maps as well as vehicle specific maps that come pre-configured for your convenience. Through this software you can choose whether you want to run the injectors in batch, semi batch, or sequential fire modes. In addition, the RE|FLEX has two  additional outputs that can be configured and mapped to output on/off, digital, analog, frequency (25hz), and/or PWM signals for control over performance modifications such as:

  • Methanol Injection Kits
  • Nitrous Kits
  • Boost Control Solenoids
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Relay Triggers

It also has two inputs that allow for additional data to be incorporated into the control strategies. One of the inputs is assigned to be connected to an ethanol content sensor for monitoring and the capability of flex fuel mapping. The other input can be used as a 0-10 bar pressure sensor to monitor:

  • Fuel Pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Back Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Coolant Pressure
  • Crankcase Pressure

The RE|FLEX provides the most accurate and precise supplementary sequential fuel injection with the ability to control other advanced features all in one place. It brings a new level of control, function, and versatility to tuning any modern day vehicle at an affordable price.

At this point we were thrilled to offer so much control and data in one package, but we wanted to take it even further! The RE|FLEX was designed to also be utilized as an Advanced I/O Integration module allowing a level of precise control of auxiliary components unseen through factory enginge management. The RE|FLEX can incorporate the external sensor data into the factory DME/ECU in parallel through optional CANbus integration. Utilizing the CANbus option, multiple digital and analog signals can be used by the DME/ECU for safety, data logging, or adaptive tuning features. It is unique in its ability to function as a separate standalone, as well as a parallel module in conjunction with the DME/ECU.

There are multiple ways in which the RE|FLEX can integrate with the factory DME/ECU in your vehicle. We have partnered with some of the biggest factory ecu flash companies in the world to expand the possibilities and further revolutionize control and integration of aftermarket performance parts.


See what others are saying!

Chris@MOTIV doing some testing of the RE|FLEX safety integrations through MHD on our 700whp F30 335. Notice fuel pressure (not natively monitored by the factory DME) drops below an adjustable threshold a safety trip is implemented and the car cuts all boost instantly. Better performance and more safety leads to peace of mind!

John Visconti from Visconti Tuning can be seen here using a custom calibration he created through EcuTek's RaceROM along with a custom firmware we developed for him. In this video he is showing how he controls port injection and both auxillary outputs DIRECTLY through the ECU. Visit their site for custom tuning and RE|FLEX packages.