MOTIV Single Turbo Kit – BMW N54

The Level of Performance Your BMW Deserves

Our short runner, bottom mount exhaust manifold provides amazing low end drivability while making minimal sacrifices on flow for top end power. The manifold is fully CNC machined from billet stainless steel into 5 main pieces and then back purged/TIG welded to provide motorsports-grade quality.

MOTIV Single Turbo Kit – N54

MOTIV Port Injection Kit

MOTIV Port Injection

Get the Best of Both Worlds

With the goal of achieving reliable and consistent power at double and triple the factory output we set out to create the last fueling upgrade you will ever need.

MOTIV Port Injection System
Fuel-It! Stage 2 LPFP
Fuel-It! Stage 3 LPFP

MOTIV Twin Disc Clutch

The Last Clutch You’ll Ever Need

As we have moved well beyond double the power these cars came with, we need to continue addressing weak points. The MOTIV Twin Disc Clutch is without a doubt our go-to clutch when making the power levels we are known for. Capable of holding over 900ft/lbs of TQ this will most likely be the last clutch you ever need to hold whatever power you plan on making.

MOTIV Twin Disc Clutch – SST

Twin Disc Clutch