Ethanol Content Sensor

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Continental is the manufacture of Original Equipment (OE) Flex Fuel Sensors and are designed utilizing the latest technology. This sensor is perfect for use with our MOTIV Flex Fuel kits for the N54 through MHD Tuning.

Order Options

  1. Sensor Only
  2. Sensor + DIY Fittings: Already have an upgraded feedline from Fuel-It or somewhere else? Great! We have put together a small affordable package that allows you to cut a few inches out of your current line and simply put the supplied fittings in to accomodate the Ethanol Sensor.
  3. Sensor + Engine Bay Short Line Upgrade: Are you looking to go the Flex Fuel direction but not upgrade beyond factory turbos? This is the perfect option for you. This option replaces the short soft fuel feed line that terminates the hard line and connects to the HPFP while allowing a PNP connection to place your ethanol sensor in a convenient location.
  4. Sensor + Full Feed Line Upgrade: We have assembled a fully plug and play feed line upgrade for your car. It places the Ethanol Sensor approximately under the driver on the underside of your car.