Flex Fuel for MHD - BMW N54

MOTIVSKU: 910.1013

Sale price$200.00

Tired of measuring ethanol content at the pump to make sure you are at the mix you want? Tired of having to flash every time you want to switch to a different ethanol blend or from pump to e85? The MOTIV Flex Fuel Box is the only true flex fuel integration tune for the N54 platform.

MHD has created custom logic for DME integration using the MOTIV Flex Fuel Box to bring OEM Flex Fuel to the community. Every necessary table will interpolate between a pump gas to full ethanol (and every blend in between) without having to flash or make changes to anything. Fill up and go regardless of the mix. 

Flex Fuel for MHD will work for both flash only and JB4 back end flash users. Any and everyone can benefit from this!!

This kit includes the controller and PNP harness to connect to your DME.

Please Note: This does NOT include an ethanol Content Sensor.

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