MOTIV Twin Disc Clutch - BMW S55

MOTIVSKU: 500.1010

Sale price$2,100.00

With twice the friction surface area the MOTIV Twin Disc Clutch allows a pedal feel closer to OEM with far more TQ holding capacity than the rest of the aftermarket offerings. As we have come to a point where we are beyond double and triple the power the engine came with, a comfortable and capable clutch is needed to reliably put the power down to the ground. Used in all of our manual, sequential, and h-pattern dog box shop cars, the MOTIV Twin Disc Clutch is the last clutch you'll need to fulfill your power goals.


  • Rebuildable clutch baskets
  • High TQ yielding ability / clamping force with light pedal input
  • Spread load over more surface area
  • Dissipate heat better
  • Designed for higher horsepower applications 


  • Twin Disc Clutches
  • Pressure Plate
  • Fly Wheel
  • Throw-Out Bearing
  • Clutch Alignment Tool

Please note: Clutches USUALLY ship within 2-3 business days. Occasionally, depending on the time of year and order volume it may take longer.

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