ReFlex+ Advanced I/O Integration - BMW / Toyota A9x (Flying Lead)

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The ReFlex+ is an advanced integration module that allows control of auxiliary components through a variety of control strategies. 

  • Standalone - no CanBUS communication
  • Integrated CanBUS - MHD, BM3, MGF
  • Advanced CanBUS - EcuTek and MHD+

The ReFlex+ was originally designed to bring auxiliary port fuel control up to modern times. Previously, controllers were using batch fire and had no communication with the vehicles ecu they were running in parallel with. Our control system allows for different types of port injection to be used, however we set each unit up to run precise sequential port injection so fuel is being injected at the exact moment it should be for efficiency, power, and reliability. But why stop there!

The ReFlex+ provides the most accurate and precise supplementary sequential fuel injection and has the ability to control other advanced features all in one place. It brings a new level of control, function, and versatility to tuning any modern day vehicle. As we continued to develop the ReFlex+ Control Unit we decided to make it the ultimate in factory ECU flash tuning integration. The United States Patent and Trademark Office agreed with the novelty of this integration and approved our multiple patent applications for this much needed advance in the automotive tuning world. As such, the ReFlex+ became far more than an integrated or standalone port injection controller. Through our extensive tuning experience over the last 15 years we were able to add features into a compact, quality, and well designed package that are typically found in ECU's 2-3x the price. The ReFlex+ has the ability to integrate or control:

  • Sequential port injection control for up to eight injectors
  • 4x Auxiliary Inputs (Flex Fuel Analyzer, 2x 4-20mA pressure sensors, and 1x 0-5v sensor)
  • 4x Auxiliary Outputs (Ground / Low Side Triggers)
  • 1x CanBUS communication
  • 1x Crank Sensor Input
  • 1x Cam Sensor Input
  • 1x MAP Sensor Input

These additional inputs monitor and control a multitude of other factors that are often crucial to reliability and performance in the performance automotive world. One of our inputs is a designated Flex Fuel Analyzer that will take the signal from your ethanol content sensor and communicate real time fuel content to your vehicles ECU for an OEM level integration of Flex Fuel tuning. In addition the ReFlex+ can monitor:

  • Fuel Pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Back Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Coolant Pressure
  • Crankcase Pressure
  • and more!

The additional outputs of the ReFlex+ allow you to control aftermarket performance parts such as:

  • Methanol Injection Kits
  • Nitrous Kits
  • Boost Control Solenoids
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Relay Triggers
  • Line Locks
  • and more!

Each ReFlex+ is fully configurable to be used on any vehicle through programmable cam, crank, and map sensor inputs in the the free tuning suite TunerPro RT. We offer universal starter maps as well as vehicle specific maps that come pre-configured for your convenience. These are available on our website in multiple places free of charge. Need help setting up a vehicle that isn't specifically listed? Please reach out to our team at

Even more powerful than using the ReFlex+ as a standalone controller is the ability for it to partially or completely integrate into supported flash platforms such as MHD, MG Flasher, and EcuTek. We have worked extensively with these companies to bring the first of its kind full integration in which the factory ECU will control all of the functions of the ReFlex+ through the factory ECU and have safeties in place for unparallel quality and performance never seen before.

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