ReFlex+ Control Unit - Nissan

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This offering only includes the control unit. It does not include any harnesses, installation kits, etc. To order a complete ReFlex+ Advanced I/O Integration kit (controller with vehicle harnesses) please click HERE.

Nissan        400Z (VR30) - AMS Performance

                    GTR (VR38)

Infiniti        Q50 Q60 (VR30) - AMS Performance

Control Options

  • Standalone - no CanBUS communication
  • Advanced CanBUS - EcuTek 

Sequential Port Injection

  • Up to 8 cylinders
  • Real-time injector status and diagnostics


  • 1 Digital 0-500kHz for Ethanol (output over CanBUS)
  • 1 Digital 0-20kHz for Crank Signal
  • 1 Digital 0-20kHz for Cam Signal
  • 1 Analog 0-5v ~6Hz Low-Pass MAP Sensor
  • 1 Analog 0-5v ~6Hz Low-Pass Sensor
  • 1 Analog 4-20mA current ~30Hz Low-Pass Fuel Pressure
  • 1 Analog 4-20mA current ~30Hz Low-Pass Pressure Sensor


  • 2 Low-Side, 0-1000Hz, 4A cont, 8A max
  • 2 Low-Side, 0-1000Hz, 3A cont, 6A max
  • 1 Digital to Analog Expanision
  • CanBUS Lo/High Comms

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