ReFlex LITE Control Unit

MOTIVSKU: 900.1003

Sale price$399.00

The ReFlex LITE is a simple yet elegant fueling solution for direct injected vehicles that need to add more fuel by installing a port injection system to keep up with their modifications to the vehicle. Using the same precise form of sequential fuel injection as the ReFlex+, the ReFlex LITE brings a more affordable fuel controller without the additional features of the ReFlex+.

  • Sequential port fuel injection for engines with up to 8 cylinders
  • Firmware and maps are available for multiple vehicles FREE on our website
  • High resolution calibration tables
    • 24x24 cell RPM vs MAP
    • 0-48psi MAP pressure range
    • 250RPM increments up to 8500RPM
  • High resolution datalogging
  • Fault detection status available to monitor in TunerPRO RT
  • Compact in size
  • Universal fitment
  • Simple installation

Please Note: This is the control unit only. No harnesses are included. The ReFlex LITE does NOT have the ability to analyze and transmit ethanol content to an ECU.

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