ReFlex+ Main Injector Harness - GM

MOTIVSKU: 900.1009

Sale price$295.00

MOTIV and TooHighPSI have partnered together and applied our combined expertise in our respective fields in order to bring the most advanced control system for the LTx platform using the factory ECU.

This injector harness is fully plug-n-play and offers a solution that requires no permanent modification to your vehicle.

  • Port injection harness for GM LTx engines and has EV6 / USCAR injector connectors
  • DTM 3-Pin connector to connect to  an ethanol content sensor connection using the ReFlex+ Plug-n-Play Ethanol Sensor Harness
  • 2x DTM 2-Pin connectors to connect to external sensors like the ReFlex+ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor
  • DTM 3-Pin connector for a 0-5v sensor
  • DTM 2-Pin connector for an auxiliary output to supply switched +12v and a low side trigger from the ReFlex+ Control Unit
  • 3x unterminated auxiliary output wires which function as low side triggers form the ReFlex+ Control Unit
  • DTM 8-Pin connector for easy connection to the ReFlex+ Install Harnesses for a plug-n-play solution

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