ReFlex+ Plug-n-Play Harness Kit - Tensility Motorsport (TMS)

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Tensility Motorsports has developed a plug and play kit for the ReFlex+ that was engineered to meet our high quality standards. TMS has been approved by MOTIV to manufacturer harnesses and they will not void your warranty on MOTIV ReFlex+ products. 

With attention to detail in the selection of wiring, production standards, and quality assurance, TMS plug and play harnesses ensure a consistent and reliable installation for a hassle-free experience.

Each harness kit includes all the necessary components to install and run a ReFlex+ Advanced I/O Controller on the vehicle it was designed for. The harness is divided into a few separate pieces for ease of installation and a very clean finished look.

  • Main Harness: This section of the TMS harness kit includes plug and play connections to the vehicles Cam, Crank, and TMAP sensors, 6 injector runs for port injection, the ethanol content sensor connector, and DTM connections for all of the auxiliary inputs and outputs.
  • CAN+ Power Splitter: A clean over-molded compact harness that provides a plug and play connection to your vehicles Body Domain Controller. This section is where the kit will get power, ground, and connect to the CANbus network.
  • Auxiliary Cable Pack: Four additional cables are included to simplify future expansions such as additional sensors, methanol, NOS, fuel pump relays, etc. These 8 ft. cables plug directly into the unused ReFlex+ harness auxiliary ports Aux Out 1/2/3 and Aux In 4 (PSI).

Thanks to the team over at TMS for the amazing installation video.

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